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  • How can printing be realized on 100% CD single jersey fabrics?

    Printing on 100% CD (combed) Single Jersey fabrics can be accomplished through various printing techniques. Here are some common methods used to realize printing on this type of fabric:Screen Printing

  • Why is 100% CD single jersey fabric breathable?

    Single Jersey fabric, including 100% CD Single Jersey, is a type of knit fabric made using a single set of needles in a warp-knitting machine. The resulting fabric has a smooth face and a looped back,

  • Choose the Right Swimwear Fabric for Your Style

    When sewing swimwear, it’s important that the fabric can withstand harsh environments like chlorine and UV. The fabric also needs to be flexible and stretchy.Velvet fabrics are super soft and common

  • Different Types of Knitted Fabrics

    When designing an outfit, selecting the right fabric is crucial. The fabric will determine the fit and appearance of the garment. Fabrics come in different varieties and are categorized into two: Wove

  • Types of Knitted Fabrics

    In the world of fabrics, Knitted Fabrics are one of the most versatile. They have amazing stretch, great recovery and can be used in many different ways to create form-fitting wear. They are also comf

  • An Elegant 100% Poly Jacquard With a Deep Wine Color

    This is an elegant 100% poly jacquard with a deep wine color. It’s the perfect fabric to create a beautiful evening dress, a stunning scarf, or even a cozy blanket. This fabric is durable and easy t