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More than 11 years of export experience

Haining Zhanxin Textile Co. Ltd., is professional China Fleece Fabric manufacturers and wholesale Fleece Fabric factory, the company is specialized in producing and selling all kinds of Fleece Fabric . Mainly production includes 100% Polyester,100% cationic polyester, polyester/ spandex, recycled polyester/ spandex, cationic polyester/ spandex, polyamide/ spandex, polyester/ polyamide/ spandex, TCR, TCM and CVC knitted fabrics, which have been widely used in clothing fabric, toys, shoes, leather base cloth, bedding, sofa fabric, curtain, automobile interior decoration field, etc. Our products are exported to USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Korea, Mexico, Haiti, Egypt and Southeast Asian countries.

Application Field

1) Function fabric

2) Toys, shoes, leather base cloth

3) Home textile bedding, sofa fabric, curtain fabric

4) Automobile interior fabrics

Professional Merchandiser

We are equipped with professional merchandisers in the cooperative dyeing factory. Up to now, 8 masters rich experience in tracking the order production process, quality control and order delivery time control. With strong communication skills, hard-working, and team work, the company's technology and products can be continuously updated and improved.

Professional R&D Team

We have merged the warp knitting factory by ourselves, and can produce fabrics. There are no fewer than ten stable cooperation warp knitting/weft knitting factories, and they are still expanding.

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Fleece Fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

Why does fleece fabric pill?
The pilling of the fabric is determined by many factors, related to its material, cleaning method, maintenance method, etc. When cleaning, you should pay attention to the washing method and maintenance work.
In order to prevent the fabric from pilling after washing, you need to pay attention to the following points when washing:
1. Choose neutral washing products, gently pinch and wash, avoid rubbing hard, avoid scrubbing with a hard brush, and avoid vigorously wringing;
2. Do not soak in hot water when washing intimate clothes, so as to avoid solidification of protein dirt and yellow stains after long-term storage;
3. When rinsing at the end, it is advisable to add softener to replenish the softener lost during washing, so as to maintain a soft feel and reduce wrinkles;
4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to avoid fading of the dye and yellowing of the material;
5. Store in a dry place to avoid moisture and mildew.

fleece fabric to keep warm?
Fleece knitted fabric, also known as knitted fleece, is an important variety of fleece knitted fabrics by pulling out the fibers in the floating threads of the knitted gray fabric to form fluff. After the knitted fabric is piled up, the surface is covered with fluff, which feels soft and plump, and has good warmth retention. There are thin and thick types of knitted flannel, which can be piled on one side or double-sided. After raising, many other physical and mechanical finishing or chemical finishing are required, such as pre-shrinking, shearing, calendering, embossing, brushing, sanding, heat setting, etc.

  Classification of fleece fabric
  Fleece fabric According to the fineness of the yarn used and the thickness of the suede, the single-faced fleece is divided into fine fleece, thin fleece and thick fleece. The suede surface of fine flannelette is thin, clean and beautiful. The dry surface density of pure cotton is about 270g/m2, which is used to make the lining of sportswear; the dry surface density of acrylic fiber is 220g/m2, which can be made into sportswear. coat.