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Haining Zhanxin Textile Co. Ltd., is professional China Weft-Knitting Mesh Fabric manufacturers and wholesale Weft-Knitting Mesh Fabric factory, the company is specialized in producing and selling all kinds of Weft-Knitting Mesh Fabric. Mainly production includes 100% Polyester,100% cationic polyester, polyester/ spandex, recycled polyester/ spandex, cationic polyester/ spandex, polyamide/ spandex, polyester/ polyamide/ spandex, TCR, TCM and CVC knitted fabrics, which have been widely used in clothing fabric, toys, shoes, leather base cloth, bedding, sofa fabric, curtain, automobile interior decoration field, etc. Our products are exported to USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Korea, Mexico, Haiti, Egypt and Southeast Asian countries.

Application Field

1) Function fabric

2) Toys, shoes, leather base cloth

3) Home textile bedding, sofa fabric, curtain fabric

4) Automobile interior fabrics

Professional Merchandiser

We are equipped with professional merchandisers in the cooperative dyeing factory. Up to now, 8 masters rich experience in tracking the order production process, quality control and order delivery time control. With strong communication skills, hard-working, and team work, the company's technology and products can be continuously updated and improved.

Professional R&D Team

We have merged the warp knitting factory by ourselves, and can produce fabrics. There are no fewer than ten stable cooperation warp knitting/weft knitting factories, and they are still expanding.

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Weft-Knitting Mesh Fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

Is weft-knitting mesh fabric the same as warp-knitting mesh fabric?
Mesh fabric can be divided into weft-knitting mesh fabric and warp-knitting mesh fabric, among which warp-knitting mesh fabric is generally made of high-speed warp knitting machine in West Germany, and the raw materials are generally nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. The finished products mainly include high-elastic mesh cloth and mosquito nets.
The function of mesh cloth:
1. The fabric with mesh is mesh cloth;
2. Different types of mesh fabrics can be woven with different equipment, mainly organic woven mesh fabrics and knitted mesh fabrics;
3. Among them, the woven mesh fabric is white, dyed or jacquard woven, and different patterns can be woven.
4. Good air permeability. After dyeing, the cloth body is quite cool. In addition to summer clothes, it is especially suitable for making curtains, mosquito nets and other supplies.

Analysis of weft-knitting mesh fabric
In knitted mesh fabrics, in addition to warp-knitted mesh, weft-knitted mesh is the most common. There are many models of weft-knitting mesh fabric, among which there are three most common ones: circular knitting machine, flat knitting machine and hosiery machine.
There are currently three types of circular knitting machines, single-sided machine jersey mesh cloth, double-sided machine Roman cloth mesh cloth and double-sided machine terry cloth mesh cloth.
1. Features of single-sided machine-woven mesh fabric:
One side of the jersey mesh is a cylinder with vertical stripes, which looks clear, and is generally used as the front of the mesh fabric;
2. Features of double-sided mesh fabric:
  The two sides of the double-sided machine mesh fabric are mostly cylinders. For example: air layer mesh, Roman mesh
3. Double reverse machine:
The mesh fabric woven by the double-sided machine is just the opposite of the double-sided machine, and the front and back sides are all arcs.