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Does the Swimwear fabric stretch and recover well?

Update:19 Oct
Swimwear fabric is typically designed to stretch and recover well. Stretch and recovery are essential characteristics of swimwear materials because they ensure a comfortable and secure fit while allowing for freedom of movement in the water. Here's what you need to know about the stretch and recovery properties of swimwear fabric:
Stretch: Swimwear fabrics are engineered to have a significant degree of stretch. The most common material used for stretch in swimwear is spandex (also known as Lycra or elastane). 
Spandex is a synthetic fiber that can stretch to several times its original length without losing its elasticity. This stretch is crucial for swimwear to accommodate the body's movements and provide a snug yet comfortable fit.
Recovery: Recovery refers to the fabric's ability to return to its original shape after being stretched. In the context of swimwear, good recovery is essential to prevent sagging, distortion, or loss of shape over time. High-quality swimwear fabrics are designed to have excellent recovery properties, ensuring that the swimwear retains its form and fit, even 
after repeated use.
Factors that contribute to the stretch and recovery properties of swimwear fabric include:
Spandex Content: The higher the spandex content in the fabric, the greater the stretch and recovery capabilities. Most swimwear contains a significant percentage of spandex to provide the necessary elasticity.
Weave or Knit: The fabric's weave or knit pattern can impact its stretch and recovery. Fabrics with a knit construction often have better stretch and recovery than woven fabrics.
Fabric Construction: Some swimwear fabrics are designed with specific features like reinforced elastic bands or supportive linings to enhance both stretch and recovery in critical areas.
Quality of Materials: The quality of the spandex and other fibers used in the fabric's composition can influence its long-term stretch and recovery performance.
When shopping for swimwear, it's a good idea to try on different styles and sizes to ensure a comfortable fit that offers the right amount of stretch and support. High-quality swimwear should maintain its stretch and recovery properties even with regular use, providing lasting comfort and performance in the water.