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  • What Is 100% Polyester Bird Eye Mesh?

      Mesh cloth generally has two composition methods, one is knitting, and the other is carding, in which the knitted 100% polyester bird eye mesh has a tight structure and a stable state. The so-ca

  • Simply Popularize The Knowledge Of 100% Poly Jacquard

      The so-called 100% poly jacquard is a cotton fabric or synthetic fiber blend fabric with a textured pattern. It is mainly divided into two categories: white weave and dyed weave. White weave gre

  • What Is Poly Jacquard?

      What is poly jacquard? Jacquard is a concave-convex pattern composed of interlaced warp and weft threads in textiles. There are many categories of textiles, poly jacquard is one of them.  

  • What Types Of Knitted Fabrics Are There?

      1. Warp knitted fabric:   Warp knitted fabrics usually use synthetic filaments such as polyester, nylon, vinylon, and polypropylene as raw materials, and some are woven from cotton, wool, si

  • Toys, shoes, leather base cloth

    Toy fabric development surface is small, usually used is super soft Velboa, feel very soft, and crystal super soft Velboa is also popular, or flat velvet, even though no elasticity, but the  bulk

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