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What Is Poly Jacquard?

Update:08 Jul

  What is poly jacquard? Jacquard is a concave-convex pattern composed of interlaced warp and weft threads in textiles. There are many categories of textiles, poly jacquard is one of them.

  Poly jacquard can be divided into home textile materials and fashion fabrics. As early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous all over the world in the way of jacquard weaving. Embroidery is just a kind of decoration. Generally, the embroidered fabrics are plain weave densified fabrics, while the jacquard ones are relatively high-end. The requirement for cotton yarns is higher if you can come up with patterns. The cotton yarns with inferior quality cannot come up with forming patterns. Sub-plain jacquard and twill jacquard.

  Poly jacquard has a wide range of uses, not only for making casual trousers, sportswear, suits, etc. but also for bedding. Clothes made of fabrics are comfortable and popular.

  Jacquard weave needs to be woven with a jacquard loom. The weft-knitted jacquard weave is composed of two or more loop-forming systems to weave a jacquard stitch course. Each loop-forming system only forms loops on those needles selected according to the pattern needs, the needles that do not form loops are withdrawn from work, new yarns are not placed on these needles, and old loops are not removed from these needles. Take off, and take off the jacquard stitches onto the newly formed stitches until the next stitching system is used for stitching.

  There are many types of weft-knitted jacquard weaves, which can be divided into single-sided and double-sided according to the structure: single-color and multi-color according to the color.

  Single-sided jacquard weave can be divided into the uniform jacquard weave and uneven jacquard weave according to whether the size of the stitches is the same. The uneven jacquard weave is widely used in socks and outerwear fabrics.

  The double-sided jacquard structure can be divided into the complete jacquard structure and the incomplete jacquard structure according to the structure. In each stitching system, all dial knitting needles participate in the weaving of reverse stitches, which is called a complete jacquard weave. The weave formed by the knitting of the dial knitting needles is called incomplete jacquard. Incomplete jacquard weave is commonly used in production, and the fabric has a clear pattern, stable structure, small extensibility, and dispersibility. The flower shape of weft-knitted jacquard polyester fabric can be changed arbitrarily within a certain range and is widely used in various outerwear and decorative items.