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Simply Popularize The Knowledge Of 100% Poly Jacquard

Update:23 Sep

  The so-called 100% poly jacquard is a cotton fabric or synthetic fiber blend fabric with a textured pattern. It is mainly divided into two categories: white weave and dyed weave. White weave grey fabrics and some yarn-dyed grey fabrics must be refined, bleached, or dyed. 100% poly jacquard can be used for different purposes depending on the cultivar. Generally, 100% poly jacquard is mostly used for interior decoration such as bed sheets, tablecloths, and curtains; jacquard poplin, jacquard hemp yarn, and jacquard yarn are mostly used for clothing. The patterns of 100% poly jacquard are divided into two types: jacquard and small pattern (also known as small jacquard): jacquard patterns include flowers, dragons and phoenixes, animals, landscapes, figures, etc., and there are single flowers, 2 flowers, and 4 flowers in the full width of the fabric. Or more of the same pattern, woven by jacquard, and the number of warp loops ranges from hundreds to more than a thousand. The small patterns are mostly dotted flowers or small geometric patterns, which are woven with 16-24 pages of dobby looms. Due to the limitation of the number of pages of the heald frame used, the woven patterns are relatively simple.

  100% poly jacquard has a unique texture that is soft, delicate, and smooth, with good gloss, good drape and breathability, and high color fastness (yarn dyeing). The patterns of jacquard fabrics are large and exquisite, with distinct color layers and a strong three-dimensional sense, while the patterns of dobby fabrics are relatively simple and single.