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  • 100% CD Single Jersey Brief Introduction

      100% CD single jersey According to the different post-dyeing and finishing processes, there are printed single jersey, plain single jersey, navy single jersey, color single jersey, dyed single j

  • How To Care For 100% Poly Jacquard Fabric

      100% poly jacquard can generally be used as a material for high-end clothing production or the decoration industry (such as curtains, and sofa release materials). The manufacturing process of 10

  • Characteristics And Identification Of 100% Poly Jacquard Webbing

      The characteristics and identification methods of 100% poly jacquard webbing!   100% poly jacquard webbing is one of many types of webbing. It is a type of webbing with a higher level. It

  • What Fabric Is 100% CD Single Jersey?

      What are the ingredients in 100% CD single jersey? 100% CD single jersey is a thin knitted fabric, which is our common plain knitted fabric. Because of its strong hygroscopicity, it is often use

  • Main Features Of 100% Polyester Bird Eye Mesh

      The main characteristics of 100% polyester bird eye mesh: In the knitted fabrics industry, there are many kinds of warp knitting machines, and in the continuous development, 100% polyester bird

  • Introduction To The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cationic Fabrics

      This article will introduce a kind of fabric that is in high demand shortly. This fabric is a cationic fabric, which is made of polyester yarn as raw material, and then blended with polyester ya