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  • Types of Knitted Fabrics

    In the world of fabrics, Knitted Fabrics are one of the most versatile. They have amazing stretch, great recovery and can be used in many different ways to create form-fitting wear. They are also comf

  • An Elegant 100% Poly Jacquard With a Deep Wine Color

    This is an elegant 100% poly jacquard with a deep wine color. It’s the perfect fabric to create a beautiful evening dress, a stunning scarf, or even a cozy blanket. This fabric is durable and easy t

  • Different Types of Knit Mesh Fabrics

    While all knit mesh fabrics share the same basic structure, they can vary in weight, width, color and finish. The differences are typically a result of the fibers/yarns used and the finishing/treatmen

  • Development of 100% Polyester Mesh

    100% Polyester mesh is a versatile fabric used in apparel, construction and manufacturing. The fabric is highly breathable and can help wick away moisture, making it a popular choice for athleticwear.

  • How High-Performance Fabrics Are Made

    The majority of the clothing that we wear is made with some sort of synthetic fiber. These fabrics are perfect for high-energy activities, from sports and working out to jogging and hiking. The minusc

  • Advantages of 100% Poly Jacquard

    Among all fabric types, jacquard is perhaps one of the most recognizable thanks to its unique appearance. Its distinctive look comes from a special type of weaving. This weaving technique is achieved