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  • About The Characteristics Of Warp-knitting Mesh Fabric

      Warp-knitting mesh fabric products have the advantage of wide structural adaptability. With changes in structure, raw materials, yarn layer arrangement, and variable production processes, the de

  • Elements Of Casual Fabric Design

      Various types of textile items on the market are the result of comprehensive labor. For these products, their production will be affected by many factors. For example, when the casual fabric is

  • Introduce The Principle And Characteristics Of Warp-knitting Mesh Fabric

        1. Warp-knitting mesh fabric principle     There are generally two methods of weaving mesh cloth: one is to use two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and twisted warp), twist each

  • What Is Fleece Fabric?

      The surface of fleece fabric is covered with a layer of dense, short, and fine fluff, which is divided into two types: single-faced fleece and double-faced fleece. Single-faced fleece is made by

  • How Does Fleece Fabric Achieve Fleece?

      How is fleece fabric made? Fleece fabric refers to cotton fabric that has a rich and fluffy surface after brushing. Through the pinhole flocking process on the surface of the cloth, more fluff i

  • How Much Do You Know About Recycle Poly Fabric?

      At present, there are a lot of customers asking about recycle poly fabric. Especially for some European orders, all want to change the regular polyester to recycle poly fabric. Under this trend,