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  • What Is The Fabric Composition Of Bird Eye Mesh?

      Bird eye mesh is a functional fabric, that is, sweat-absorbing fabric. Because the surface of the fabric has very small pores, which look like the eyes of a bird, it is called bird eye mesh.  

  • How To Choose A Good Swimwear Fabric?

      1. Check the logo. On the logo of knitted fabrics, information such as product name, product grade, fiber content, implementation standard, washing, and maintenance logo, safety technology categ

  • Is 100% Polyester Fabric The Worst Fabric?

      100% polyester fabric is the polyester fiber that everyone often says. Polyester fiber can be seen in many clothes. So, is polyester the worst fabric? Is 100% polyester fabric a smooth fabric? H

  • What Is Warp-knitting Mesh Fabric?

      Mesh fabric generally has two composition methods, one is knitting and the other is carding. Among them, the knitted warp-knitting mesh fabric has the tightest structure and the most stable stat

  • 100% Polyester Fabric Features

      100% polyester fabric is a kind of knitted fabrics that is widely used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is that it has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, so it is suitable for oute

  • Introduction To The Characteristics Of 100% Poly PK Interlock

      The design method and production points of the moisture-wicking 100% poly pk interlock are necessary to study in the context of the growing development of the custom T-shirt industry.   At p