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  • Why Choose Warp Knitting Mesh Fabric?

    The basic structure of the warp-knitted fabrics is the zigzag pattern of yarns. The zigzags are formed by many parallel yarns, each strand securing a loop of an adjacent strand from the previous row.

  • How to Care and Maintain Cationic Fabric?

    Cationic Fabric is a type of fiber that is coated with cationic agents. These agents help the fabric become soft, breathable and anti-static. These fabrics are also easy to dye and have excellent hygi

  • What is Cationic Fabric?

    Cationic fabric is a kind of polyester fabric that feels soft and comfortable to wear. It has bright colors and similar effects to natural fabrics, and it also has good elasticity and hygienic propert

  • How to Care and Maintain Polyester/Spandex Fabric?

    Polyester is a durable, versatile fabric that’s used in a variety of items across the home and apparel. Its wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant properties make it a popular choice for event dining

  • Description of 100% Polyester Bird Eye Mesh

    Fabric Description: This breathable, lightweight sportswear garment is made of 100% polyester bird eye mesh. It's designed for high visibility and comfortable wear, with wicking properties to help dra

  • What material is 100% Polyester Fabric made of?

    100% polyester fabric is made entirely of polyester fibers. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is produced through a chemical reaction between petroleum-derived substances. It is a versatile and dura