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What is the most common printing process for 100% CD single jersey fabrics?

Update:18 Aug
The most common printing process for 100% CD (combed) single jersey fabrics is digital printing, specifically Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing.
DTG printing is a modern digital printing method that allows for highly detailed and full-color designs to be directly printed onto fabrics using specialized inkjet printers. It is particularly well-suited for cotton fabrics like single jersey because it produces vibrant, high-quality prints with excellent color accuracy and durability.
Here's how the DTG printing process works:
Preparation: The design is prepared digitally using graphic design software. This can include artwork, photographs, or any other desired print design.
Pre-Treatment: Before printing, the fabric may undergo a pre-treatment process to enhance ink absorption and adhesion. This is especially important for cotton fabrics like 100% CD single jersey to ensure the ink bonds effectively with the fibers.

Printing: The fabric is placed on a flat surface or loaded onto the DTG printer. The printer's printheads apply the ink directly to the fabric, layer by layer, reproducing the digital design in high resolution.
Curing: After printing, the fabric may go through a curing process where it is heated to set the ink and ensure the print's durability.
DTG printing offers several advantages for printing on 100% CD single jersey fabrics:

Complex Designs: DTG printing can handle intricate and detailed designs with multiple colors, gradients, and fine details, which may be challenging for traditional screen printing.
No Color Limitations: Unlike traditional screen printing, DTG printing allows for unlimited colors in a design without the need for separate screens.
Soft Feel: The ink used in DTG printing is water-based, resulting in a soft and breathable feel on the fabric. The print becomes a part of the fabric, rather than sitting on top of it, offering a comfortable and flexible finish.
Quick Turnaround: DTG printing is relatively fast, making it suitable for small to medium print runs and on-demand printing.
While DTG printing is a popular choice for single jersey fabrics, other printing methods like screen printing, heat transfer printing, or sublimation printing might also be used based on design complexity, quantity, and desired outcome. Each method has its strengths and is chosen based on specific project requirements.