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What Is The Fabric Composition Of Bird Eye Mesh?

Update:26 Dec

  Bird eye mesh is a functional fabric, that is, sweat-absorbing fabric. Because the surface of the fabric has very small pores, which look like the eyes of a bird, it is called bird eye mesh.

  The textile technology of bird eye mesh is weft-knitted fabric. Bird eye mesh is used for fashion, decorative cloth, T-shirts, kitchen and bathroom supplies, sportswear, wedding dresses, bedding, sofas, casual clothes, vests, dresses, cushions, pillows, bags, pajamas, underwear, and home clothes.

  Bird eye mesh fabrics are 100% polyester or cotton. Currently, the market is dominated by 100% polyester bird eye mesh. Cotton bird eye mesh is relatively less. First, cotton bird eye mesh is easy to wrinkle. Easy to get dirty, not easy to wash.

  What are the characteristics of bird eye mesh fabric?

  1. Bird eye mesh is a functional fabric, also known as sweat-absorbent fabric. It can be seen that bird eye mesh is a very breathable fabric.

  2. There are very small gaps on the surface of the bird eye mesh fabric, which is also called bird eye mesh.

  3. Bird eye mesh is widely used to make sportswear, mainly due to the breathable and sweat-absorbing properties of bird eye mesh.

  4. Bird eye mesh is generally made of 100% polyester fabric, which is light in weight, easy to wash, and particularly resistant to dirt.

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