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What Fabric Is 100% CD Single Jersey?

Update:21 Oct

  What are the ingredients in 100% CD single jersey? 100% CD single jersey is a thin knitted fabric, which is our common plain knitted fabric. Because of its strong hygroscopicity, it is often used in T-shirts, polo shirts, sportswear, vests, underwear, bottoming shirts, underwear, and other close-fitting clothing.

  Generally, combed pure cotton, pure polyester, cotton ammonia, polyester ammonia, nylon ammonia, or blended yarns with medium and high yarn counts are woven into single-sided fabrics on weft knitting circular knitting machines, and then undergo bleaching, dyeing, finishing, printing, and other processes, and then sewed into Various styles of clothing. 100% CD single jersey has the advantages of a smooth surface, clear texture, fine texture, smooth hand feel, good elasticity and extensibility, good moisture absorption, and air permeability.

  What are the ingredients in 100% CD single jersey? In terms of ingredients, there are the following categories:

  1. Cotton: it is pure cotton, or 100% cotton, cotton cover cotton;

  2. Full polyester: it is pure polyester, or 100% polyester fiber, polyester cover polyester;

  3. Cotton polyester, polyester cotton: cotton and polyester blended or interwoven; common ratios are CVC 60/40, CVC 80/20, tc 65/35, tc 85/15, etc.;

  4. TR: polyester and viscose blended; common ratios are TR 65/35, etc.;

  5. Cotton viscose: blended cotton and viscose; common ratios are CR 60/40, etc.;

  6. Modal cotton: cotton and modal blended; common ratios are MC 60/40, MC 50/50, etc.;

  7. Tencel cotton: cotton and Tencel blended; common ratios are cotton Tencel 60/40, cotton Tencel 50/50, etc.;

  8. Bamboo fiber cotton: blended cotton and bamboo fiber; common ratios are bamboo fiber cotton 70/30, etc.;

  9. Various components are interwoven: including cotton spandex, polyester spandex, nylon spandex, rayon spandex, modal spandex, Tencel spandex, bamboo fiber spandex, and so on.