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Main Features Of 100% Polyester Bird Eye Mesh

Update:14 Oct

  The main characteristics of 100% polyester bird eye mesh: In the knitted fabrics industry, there are many kinds of warp knitting machines, and in the continuous development, 100% polyester bird eye mesh produced by various warp knitting machines has its corresponding characteristics and microscopic characteristics. If you don't have this knowledge, you can't determine the model based on the fabric structure, and you can't even understand the weaving process of some 100% polyester bird eye meshes. The following is a detailed explanation:

  1. Due to the high pulling tension of 100% polyester bird eye mesh, it can produce mesh fabrics, elastic fabrics, and elastic pleated fabrics.

  2. Because the 100% polyester bird eye mesh has a pulling angle of 170°, it can weave the warp yarn.

  3. Mesh fabric yarn High-tension fabric directly affects the knitting needle, so the let-off amount can be small, which can produce dimensionally stable fabrics and low-density fabrics.

  4. 100% polyester bird eye mesh can be woven with a wide range of raw materials, such as glass fiber, aramid, carbon fiber, metal wire, etc.

  5. The start must be pulled by the fabric.

  6. Overfeed and high-density 100% polyester bird eye mesh cannot be produced.

  7. The mesh feels hard.

  8. The wire feeding path is long (the position of the warp beam).