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Introduction To The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cationic Fabrics

Update:09 Oct

  This article will introduce a kind of fabric that is in high demand shortly. This fabric is a cationic fabric, which is made of polyester yarn as raw material, and then blended with polyester yarn and cationic yarn. Different dyes are used for coloring, so the fabric will have a two-color effect. This fabric can be used for the production of casual wear, yoga wear, and other work wear. The following knitted fabrics manufacturers will focus on the advantages and advantages of cationic fabrics to introduce them.

  Advantages of cationic fabrics:

  A large part of the cationic fabric is polyester, so the cationic fabric will have the same abrasion resistance and toughness as polyester, the fabric is resistant to pulling and not prone to permanent deformation, so it does not take too much time. At the same time, the cationic fabric has a bright color. The big difference between this fabric and other fabrics is that it has a two-color effect.

  The cationic fabric has a moderate feel, and the fabric has good water absorption. The casual clothes used for their production can absorb sweat and evaporate in the air, so they will be more refreshing and comfortable after leisure. This is also the use of cationic fabrics to produce casual clothes and yoga. the reason for the suit.

  Of course, the cationic fabric also has the functions of anti-radiation and anti-static. The fabric can shield 99% of ultraviolet rays. The moisture content of the fabric is high, so it is not easy to generate static electricity. Of course, it also has relatively strong corrosion resistance, including acid resistance, oxidation resistance, and drift resistance.

  Disadvantages of cationic fabrics: Cationic fabrics basically have no disadvantages, but the production cost is higher than that of polyester fabrics, and they are simply replaced by yarn-dyed fabrics.

  The price of cationic fabrics: The price of cationic fabrics with different parameters is very different. The wholesale price of fabrics ranges from a dozen to more than 30 yuan. Therefore, you should ask the salesperson for the price before placing an order.