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Introduction To The Advantages And Disadvantages Of 100% Polyester Fabric

Update:23 Sep

  100% polyester fabric is often considered a fashion knitted fabrics, but it is a multi-purpose material that can be used to produce a variety of garments, shirts, casual shoes, and boxer shorts. With attention to style and proper care, 100% polyester fabric is a very attractive fabric.

  100% polyester fabric is processed from polyester fiber. Polyester fibers can be produced man-made, and petroleum is used in the process. It can be used to make many things, such as stockings and soda bottles. Therefore, it means that 100% polyester fabric is a material that can be recycled and reused.

  The benefits of polyester

  100% polyester fabric has many advantages. First, it absorbs less water and doesn't catch fire as easily as other traditional fabrics. From a fashion and aesthetic point of view, this fabric also does not wrinkle as easily as natural materials. In addition, polyester fabrics are also relatively cheaper than wearing natural materials.

  Disadvantages of polyester

  The biggest disadvantage of 100% polyester fabric is that other home decorations such as clothing or blankets look lack of natural feeling. It also feels smoother than natural fabrics. In addition, poor water absorption is also a disadvantage.

  To better make up for the defects of 100% polyester fabric, natural materials can be mixed with polyester to make fabrics. Fabrics produced in this way have further advantages.