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How To Choose A Good Swimwear Fabric?

Update:16 Dec

  1. Check the logo. On the logo of knitted fabrics, information such as product name, product grade, fiber content, implementation standard, washing, and maintenance logo, safety technology category, and name and address of the manufacturer should be marked. In addition to judging whether the content that should be marked is complete, you should also pay attention to purchasing Children and adult swimwear must choose products with a safety category of B; swimwear for infants and young children should choose products marked with A-category products for infants and young children.

  2. Look at the fiber content. The swimsuits currently on the market are made of nylon and spandex, followed by a combination of polyester and spandex. This is because nylon is softer and smoother than polyester in terms of wearing comfort, and has better wear resistance and moisture absorption. Some. In addition, pay attention to the proportion of spandex on the label, because spandex content is also an important indicator for judging the quality of swimwear. One of the characteristics of swimming equipment that is different from other ordinary clothing is that the elasticity of this type of product needs to be very good. As a fiber that provides product elasticity, spandex is particularly important. On the one hand, the fiber of spandex on the instructions (label) The larger the ratio, the better the elasticity of the product. On the other hand, spandex is more expensive as a textile raw material, so manufacturers are very "stingy" in adding spandex. A large amount of data shows that maintaining the spandex ratio of swimwear fabrics between 20% and 30% can relatively well guarantee the product characteristics of swimming equipment and provide a comfortable wearing experience. Swimwear with too low spandex content will feel tight, which is easy to cause Discomfort, and may even cause partial rupture, causing embarrassment to the wearer.

  3. Try the resilience of the rebound. Swimsuits need to have a certain degree of elasticity so that they can freely expand and contract with the body during exercise, but the more elastic the better. When buying a swimsuit, you should also pay attention to the resilience of the spring back, that is, it can still return to its original shape after being stretched many times, otherwise, it will deform after wearing it a few times. When purchasing, consumers can use their hands to stretch it repeatedly several times to observe whether the elastic recovery degree of the fabric is good and to judge whether there is a problem of virtual fiber content and shoddy quality based on the proportion of the spandex label.

  4. Select the purchase platform. For a swimsuit, from the selection of raw materials, design, and sewing to inspection and delivery, every link and process needs to be strictly checked to ensure that the quality indicators of the product meet the standard requirements. Therefore, when purchasing swimsuits, you can focus on purchasing products from companies with strong strengths and good reputations. It is recommended to choose regular shopping malls or platforms to buy as much as possible. When buying online, try to choose the official online store of a branded company, and don't be greedy for cheap, but choose products that conform to the market and product cost laws.