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How Does Fleece Fabric Achieve Fleece?

Update:17 Jan

  How is fleece fabric made? Fleece fabric refers to cotton fabric that has a rich and fluffy surface after brushing. Through the pinhole flocking process on the surface of the cloth, more fluff is produced, with a strong three-dimensional effect and high gloss. It comes out soft and thick.

  The fleece of fleece fabric is formed by pulling up a part of the fibers on the surface of the gray cloth through the repeated action of the steel wire needlepoint of the brushing machine. The fleece is required to be short, dense, and even. Printed fleece fabric is brushed before printing, and bleached and variegated fleece fabric is brushed after. The warp yarn used in the gray fabric of fleece fabric should be fine; the weft yarn should be thick and have less twist. Cotton fibers for spinning weft yarns should be thick and have good uniformity. The warp density of the fabric is small, and the weft density is large so that the weft yarns emerge on the surface, which is conducive to the formation of plump and uniform fluff of the weft yarn cotton fibers. After the fleece fabric is brushed, the strength in the weft direction is greatly lost, so it is very important to master the quality of the cotton yarn and the brushing process. Pile cotton fabric, single or double-sided, used for underwear and pajamas.

  Classification of fleece fabric The role of different fleece fabrics

  Fleece knitted fabrics are divided into single-face fleece and double-face fleece. The single-sided fleece is mainly twill weave, also known as serge fleece; the double-sided fleece is mainly plain weave. The fleece fabric is soft, comfortable to wear, and has good warmth retention. It is suitable for winter underwear and pajamas. Printed fleece fabric and yarn-dyed striped fleece fabric are suitable for women's and children's spring and autumn outerwear. The fleece fabric printed with images of animals, flowers, and fairy tales is also called Beibei fleece, which is suitable for children to wear. Natural-color velvet, bleached velvet, assorted-color velvet, and sesame velvet are generally used as winter clothing, gloves, shoe and hat clips, etc.