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Characteristics And Identification Of 100% Poly Jacquard Webbing

Update:28 Oct

  The characteristics and identification methods of 100% poly jacquard webbing!

  100% poly jacquard webbing is one of many types of webbing. It is a type of webbing with a higher level. It is resistant to abrasion and is not easily deformed. Buyers who have just contacted us do not know the characteristics and identification methods of 100% poly jacquard webbing. The following Zhanxin Knitted Fabrics will give you a detailed introduction:

  100% poly jacquard webbing features:

  100% poly jacquard webbing can be made into various widths, pictures, and styles. It is a very popular type of webbing. The price is higher than that of ordinary webbing. It has bright colors, clear pictures, fine texture, and washing fastness. High, dry friction, non-fading, smooth and wrinkle-resistant, flexible feel, in addition, 100% poly jacquard webbing has good wear resistance, can be used for waterproof, fireproof, and softening treatment, its quality is stable, can be dyed at high temperature by itself, there are Dozens of colors, dozens of standards, the largest scale can produce 3” (75mm) width, suitable for custom-made samples of conventional sizes and various colors, and are widely used in clothing accessories and home textiles.

  How to identify 100% poly jacquard webbing:

  1. From the sensory point of view, the fabric of 100% poly jacquard webbing has a darker appearance on the outside, and it feels rough when touched by hand;

  2. Combustion method. During the burning process of 100% poly jacquard webbing, black smoke will emerge from the naked eye when the polyester is burned by the fire, and the burned polyester material will be in the form of a piece of residue;

  3. The method of scraping the nails, and scraping with the nails, the polyester material will have very obvious traces.

  Woven craft webbing

  The above are the characteristics and identification methods of 100% poly jacquard webbing. It can be single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard in production. The pattern is uneven and has an excellent hand feel. It can be used to enhance the brand image and increase The role of product-added value!