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About The Characteristics Of Warp-knitting Mesh Fabric

Update:17 Feb

  Warp-knitting mesh fabric products have the advantage of wide structural adaptability. With changes in structure, raw materials, yarn layer arrangement, and variable production processes, the design and production of warp-knitting mesh fabric can meet special needs. warp- The main features of knitting mesh fabric are as follows:

    1. Wide adaptability of raw materials: from cotton, viscose fiber, nylon, and polyester to high-performance aromatic polyurethane fiber, carbon fiber, reinforcing fiber, etc., can be used to weave warp-knitting mesh fabric.

    2. Production of stable mesh fabric: elastic mesh fabric and stable mesh fabric can be obtained by changing the length of the needle back laying yarn, and stable mesh fabric can also be produced by changing the number of knuckles and matching the movement of the needle.

    3. Production of compact mesh fabrics: by shortening the coil size, using thick needle yarns, increasing the length of the back lap yarn, using multiple combs, or combining concentrated methods to produce compact warp-knitting mesh fabric products.

    4. Production of directional structure fiber mesh fabric: directional structure fiber, as the name implies, means that the fibers can be arranged and connected according to the required final functional structure to form a mesh structure.

  5. Economical and convenient production of various mesh fabric products: warp-knitting mesh fabric products can be produced economically and conveniently. The development trend is the production of knitted fabrics, sewing, forming, finishing, and other processing processes. A complete production line of warp knitted mesh production process.