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100% CD Single Jersey Brief Introduction

Update:11 Nov

  100% CD single jersey According to the different post-dyeing and finishing processes, there are printed single jersey, plain single jersey, navy single jersey, color single jersey, dyed single jersey, and so on. In recent years, the widely used 100% CD single jersey has cotton spandex single jersey and rayon spandex single jersey. This fabric is made of 40 counts of combed cotton or 40 counts of viscose fiber and spandex interwoven. It is woven on a circular knitting machine and is deeply processed through the main processes of setting, dyeing, drying, setting, and printing. This kind of 100% CD single jersey has occupied the recent fabric market with its advantages of easy stretching, concise and clear, comfortable to wear, wide adaptability, and moderate price. The 100% CD single jersey fabric is not only suitable for children's clothing, but also a fashionable fabric for women's t-shirts.

  Knitted fabrics can be divided into two categories: weft knitting and warp knitting. Most of the fabrics used for knitted garments such as t-shirts mercerized cotton, mercerized cotton shirts, underwear, and underwear are weft knitted fabrics - weft knitted single jersey. Weft knitted jersey is a weft-knitted fabric formed by feeding one or several yarns into the working needle of the knitting machine from the weft direction so that the yarns are bent into circles in a certain order, and at the same time, they are looped to each other. Weft-knitted single jersey is also the basic tissue in weft-knitted fabrics, also called knitted cotton single-sided fabric and plain weave. The machine used to weave this knitted fabric is called a circular weft knitting machine.